Control Kits

Our controls are ready-to-use liquid controls that do not require reconstitution. Just prepare the control samples as you would your unknown sample. 

Concentrations are at values appropriate for your reportability.  Provide the confidence you require for quality results and to meet your certification requirements.  Catalog Control kits come in kits of 2 or 3 levels for each of our catalog calibrator panels.  To customize a Control Kit please contact us or call 402-253-2753.

Available Catalog Control Kits:

Pain Control Set 1

2 Levels: Product # P12001
3 Levels: Product # P13001

Pain Panel 2

2 Levels: Product # P22002
3 Levels: Product # P23001    

Pain Panel 3

2 Levels: Product # P32002
3 Levels: Product # P33001

THC Barbiturate Panel

2 Levels: Product # TBC2001
3 Levels: Product # TBC3001


2 Levels: Product # EC2001
3 Levels: Product # EC3001

Synthetic Cannabinoid Panel

2 Levels: Product #  SC2001
3 Levels: Product # SC4001

Bath Salts Panel

2 Levels: Product #  BSC2001
3 Levels: Product # BSC3001

To customize a Control Kit, please contact us or call 402-253-2753.