At 5C Laboratories, our mission is to provide our clients with quality products that will assist with the accuracy, reproducibility and efficiency of their testing.


  • Calibrators

    5C Laboratories provides Calibrator kits and Linearity kits to assist with the validation and daily operations of your LC/MS/MS analytical testing. Choose one of our classic panels or provide us with the list of your analytes and we can customize the calibrator kit to suit your needs.
  • Controls

    5C Laboratories provides the quality controls you need to verify the performance of your instrumentation, reagents, technique and environmental factors. Control kits come in 2 or 3 levels and can be customized to fit your analytical method.
  • Consulting

    5C Laboratories provides method development and installation for LC/MS/MS testing. Once established and validated, your laboratory technicians will have the tools necessary to process and quantitate samples.
  • Confidence

    5C Laboratories provides the confidence you need to know that your laboratory results are accurate every time. We use only high quality certified reference standards. When using 5C Laboratories Calibrators, Controls, Linearity Kits, Internal Standard Spiking Solutions (IS3) and System Suitability Testing (S2T), you have the building blocks necessary for IQCP. IQCP is CLIA's Individualized Quality Control Plan.
  • Customizing

    5C Laboratories can customize your calibration and control kits to fit your needs. We can include your specific analyte mix and the cutoff value you desire.